Transition / Implementation
Asian Cargo has developed a successful global transition/implementation process using experienced professionals who are responsible for providing an accurate assessment of what business is secured, what transition elements exist and to develop measurable and obtainable tasks to accomplish a global, seamless transition to Asian Cargo Account Management Program.

The assigned Transition team makes sure these 2 conditions are in places:  
  • All of the Customer’s business covered by the agreement has been transitioned to Asian Cargo

  • The Customer agrees the transition is successful after completing a positive QMR(scorecard)

We have dedicated resources geographically with a “project owner” to keep everyone on track. Once a decision has been made regarding the amount of business Asian Cargo has been awarded, we request to meet with the customer’s transition team to confirm the scope of the business and to prioritize the events based on their needs.

The Transition Team will address the following elements:  
  • Process flow for each function to confirm process elements
  • Local market requirements (including site visits if needed)
  • Electronic interface
  • Software enhancements
  • Operational procedures (developing SOPs)
  • Service standards (establishing metrics)+
  • Measurement of service & compliance standards

The investment Asian Cargo has made to provide “transition expertise” to our new customers has many significant benefits:
Our handoff from Sales to Account Management is seamless
The transition period is reduced and we also consistently see a reduction in transition related expenses because duplicate efforts due to poor communication/planning are eliminated.
The tasks, their owners and support resources are identified early. Their timelines are clear and measurable.

Training and Personnel Development
Asian Cargo commitment to Quality in People and Customer Service, is supported by Training and Personnel Development, which is a dedicated internal service, that help our people understand and follow our standards, systems and procedures for all our customers.

Asian Cargo Employees get at least 52 hours of training per year, to be compliant with one of the company’s goals: to have highly motivated people with an intensive industry knowledge base. We enable our employees to grow and advance in their careers.

We provide Ongoing Compliance and Regulatory Training, covering all products (Air, Ocean, Distribution, etc…), as well as the Dangerous Goods Regulations and Shipment Handling. We have In House certification programs, and a very rich training library offering both Computer Based/Self Directed Training, as well as Trainer Led Courses.