Ocean Forwarding
Ocean Forwarding  

Our ocean forwarding program supplies customers with a proven process that helps support productivity , improvements, cost reduction and consistent overseas service.

Experienced Personnel
Thanks to our extensive experience with ocean documentation and shipping, we understand the complexities of shipping globally.

Electronic Capabilities
Multiple EDI documents are electronically sent and received to and from your order/ship/bill (OSB) system including 810 commercial invoice, 856 Pre-Alert and 858 Confirmation.

In-House Banking
In-house banking is available at some of our locations, providing quicker and more accurate processing for letters of credit.

Pre-Alert Procedures
Pre-alerts are automatically sent to all overseas customers as well as shippers and designated third parties.

Rate Negotiation Quotes
Our focus on rate negotiation involves key contacts with all carriers. Our goal is a four- hour turnaround for all ocean rate quote requests.

Door-to-Door Tracking
All containers, including shipment-in-process communication with the overseas customer are tracked door-to-door.