Management Services
Management Services  

Ocean Consolidation
Different products and different selling strategies mean that a generic purchase order tracking system does not work. But, when tied to your Ocean Consolidation service it can create a strategic advantage by giving you the exact status of each purchase order from inception through to delivery. This information can then provide the basis for critical logistics decisions. We understand the importance of this data and have developed a customer specific approach that works because it is designed to your specifications - which we can present in a live demonstration.

Purchase Order Monitoring
From purchase order inception to final delivery, the exact status of each purchase order is visible to you, your buyers and merchants.

Vendor Communication
The availability of each purchase order is monitored based on shipping window dates. We communicate potential delays or exceptions before they occur.

Product Collection and Booking
Cargo is received and booked based on your ocean contract. The system is continuously updated and shipping and receiving reports can be created by buyers, by purchase order, by style or by item.

Commercial Document Collection
The delivery and receipt of commercial documents is closely monitored, providing you with measurement reports on each vendors compliance with on-time document delivery.

Consolidation and Customs Loading
Using your specifications, CFS/CY shipments are received, consolidated and loaded at our facility. A container manifest is then created with 3-D outline of where each purchase order is loaded in each container, providing valuable data for your warehouse, in a highly functional format.

Document Preparation and Distribution
Bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice and any other documents needed are prepared and distributed by our personnel.

Detailed Information
All the critical information that buyers need - from shipment process detail, down to SKU, size and color level - is in our system and available to you at your desk level PC.