Global Reach

Asian express worldwide reach extends to over 220 countries and territories, delivering fast transit times, ultimate reliablility and online tracking visibility.

With international operations in Uae, uk, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, plus partnerships with other leading global network suppliers, Asian express Global offers a range of cost effective import and export services, plus time-critical door-to-door express delivery.

Global connectivity is achieved using commercial airlines and a comprehensive worldwide hub and spoke operation that covers almost every corner of the globe. We organise thousands of shipments on a daily basis using common data/barcode processes and reconciliation of manifests.

Whats more our fast, efficient and reliable global express services are underpinned by a powerful and user-friendly web-based system. This system features on-line tracking, proof of delivery, electronic invoicing and smart dispatch systems.

Worldwide Express Document Service:

The fastest way to send a document.
Asian Express Worldwide Express Document Service provides desk to desk, urgent and confidential worldwide delivery to over 200 destinations for items such as business correspondence, contracts and tenders.

Asian Express Worldwide Express Document Service is for items without commercial value and therefore do not require a commercial invoice.

Worldwide Express Parcel Service:

Makes sending parcels easy.
Asian Express Worldwide Express Parcel Service provides door to door delivery of all your urgent customs cleared. Sensitive Parcel Shipments, such as, samples, spare parts and fabric swatches.

Asian Express Worldwide Express Parcel Service is for items that have a commercial value and require a commercial invoice to accompany these shipments.


Asian Express Super Box Service:
The box that gives you speed and economy.

The Asian Express Worldwide Super Box service enables you to send heavier items to selected worldwide destinations at economical rates and still enjoy a fast, efficient service. Super Boxes are available in 10kg and 25kg sizes.

The AsianExpress Super 10KG and Super 25KG box must be used for your shipment in order for you to enjoy the cost effective rates published in this tariff.

Complete the AsianExpress consignment note and mark the service option of either Super 10KG or Super 25KG and attach with each box. Please note that each Super box being sent must be accompanied by its own consignment note regardless of how many boxes to the same receiver. When sending declarable items in a Super Box remember to include a commercial invoice.

The Asian Express Super Boxes have been designed for maximum strength based on maximum weights. The maximum weight for the Super 10 is 20kg and the Super 25 is 30kg. Weights should be divided into multiple boxes to avoid exceeding the maximum weight per box.

Whilst the Super Boxes are designed for maximum strength we recommend that you maintain original packaging of fragile items where manufacturer packaging is provided to avoid sudden shock damage.

Express Freight:

The heavy weight service that not heavy on your pocket.
When cost is of paramount importance, use our Express Freight Service. Your heavy weight Airfreight shipment will be handled with the same care, door-to-door with time to spare.

The AsianExpress Freight Service must be booked and confirmed in advance of pickup.

Complete the Asian Express consignment note, mark the service option for other and type the words Express Freight. Complete a commercial invoice in accordance with AsianExpress user guide.

Before pickup please ensure that the freight consignment is properly packed and labeled in accordance with the AsianExpress user guide. Please ensure pallets are used when sending multiple box consignments to the same address.

When shipping lightweight and bulky shipments, use the following formula to help you determine their volumetric weight:

Length x Width x Height (cm3)


Import Express:

The AsianExpress Worldwide Import Express Service is available from selected countries. Import Express puts you in control for collection of your urgent documents and parcels right back to your location. Its fast, secure and economical.

The AsianExpress Worldwide Import Express Service can be booked through your local office. Please contact our local Customer Service team for more information or to make collection arrangements.

Charges Collect Express:

The AsianExpress charges collect express services is available to AsianExpress account customers. This service enables the sending account customer to opt for the service charges to be paid upon delivery by the consignee.

Please note the restrictions of this service.
Available to AsianExpress account customers only.

Service is available to selected destinations which can be checked with our local customer service teams.

The shipper must provide a full permanent address, contact name and telephone number of the consignee.

If the consignee refuses to pay all charges including any duty tax will be charged to the shipper account.

For more information, contact our customer service team.