Express Services
The world is at your doorstep with asian express. By using the most comprehensive flight schedules available, one of the largest networks in the world and the best rates in Pakistan, our express services will do the job for you. Delivery of documents, parcels, samples, gifts and more, anywhere in the world is our defining service.

If you have a need to import goods or documents from anywhere in the world, call our Import Team now on They will handle all custom related issues for you quickly, arrange collections from anywhere in the world, carnet, and deliver straight to your door or any other location of your specification. From straightforward document imports to complex Inward Processing Relief, and other more complex imports, you can benefit from our knowledge and rest assured that it’s all being done by experienced personnel.       

When exporting, do not trouble yourself with custom agents, or flight schedules, because when asian express  is taking care of things all you need to do is sit back and watch your exports reach its destination. Asian express has geared its operations for efficient deliveries world wide, and our focus is to have our customers benefit from our timely services and logistics support.
Export and import services are provided through both sea and air.      
Asian express also takes care of heavy shipments and large cargo requiring special handling. We accept all commercial cargo and other cargo requiring special handling (such as dangerous goods). As an IATA CARGO AGENT, we issue Air Waybill, by ourselves. Any modes of special transportation such as consolidated cargo or ATA carnet transportation are available according to your needs.      
Business convenience is at its best. If you wish asian express to pick up any shipment from any country in the world and dispatch it to another country, and bill all charges to you here in Pakistan, we can do it. No need to speak to agents from some other country and no need to speak with customs, just let asian express show you how our global network works for you.      
Asian express can become your trusted partner when it comes to picking up your goods and items from anywhere in the world and have them delivered to you. It’s simply a matter of taking advantage of the asian express global network. With offices in over 240 locations around the world you can be sure that asian express will look after your goods from the point of pick up to the point of delivery.      
Business activities change all the time, keeping customers satisfied requires continuous quality checks, and back up plans need to be on hand in any situation. While sending shipments a client may ask us to deliver part of a shipment and hold on to the remaining. Asian expressprovides warehousing facilities for exactly such purposes in most areas of the world, to accommodate your shipments. You can rest with ease that your shipments are in safe hands.      
If you need to have documents attested by educational, government bodies, or other institutions in foreign countries do not worry about how to get them there, talk to us. Asian express will provide you the service of having your documents attested from anywhere in the world, and delivered back to your doorstep. And you can always keep track of your documents, no matter where they are.